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Product Descriptions
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Smoked Chickens Smoked Chickens: Whole chickens seasoned and smoked. Fully cooked. Excellent in Gumbo and other dishes.
Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters and Boneless Breasts: Chicken leg quarters and boneless breasts seasoned and smoked. Fully cooked, ready to eat, and great to cook with.
Tasso Tasso: (TAH-SO) 95% lean pork roast, sliced then seasoned and smoked. Great as a seasoning meat in many dishes, or as a ready to eat snack. Also available made with sliced lean turkey thigh meat.
Pig Tails: Raw pig tails ready for boiling or cooking down in a pot of beans.
Smoked Pig Tails: Pig tails seasoned and smoked. Great for seasoning your favorite dishes.
Smoked Ham Hocks: Small hocks seasoned and smoked. Great for seasoning beans and other dishes.
Smoked Bacon: An unsliced slab of bacon smoked perfectly over aged pecan wood. Great for seasoning beans and many other dishes. (Our bacon is not a fully cooked product.)
Beef Jerky: Slices of pure beef marinated in our own sweet medium spiced sauce then smoked to perfection for a great snack taste.
Fresh Sausage Fresh Sausage: 95% lean ground pork seasoned with a blend of salt, red pepper, black pepper, and garlic then stuffed into the traditional pork casing. Great cooked as a side item or stand alone meal.
Italian Sausage: A fantastic blend of 95% lean pork, salt, black pepper and anise seeds.
Hog’s Head Cheese: Choice lean pork meat boiled with a mixture of seasonings, then jelled in a mold. Available in mild and hot. Great sliced and eaten on crackers, melted in grits, warmed in French bread or anyway you eat it.

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