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Jacob's Andouille

Product Descriptions
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Boudin: (BOO-DAN) A sausage where lean pork, liver, rice, salt, black pepper, red pepper and green onions are cooked, mixed together, then stuffed into a casing. This creates a delicious pork and rice dressing ready to heat up and eat.
Hog Cracklin: Old fashioned, homemade fried pork skins seasoned with a little salt.
FreshBeansdisplay.jpg (11524 bytes) Fresh Beans: Garden fresh dry Red Beans, White Beans, Lima Beans and Black-Eye Peas packed in one pound bags.
Filé: (FEE-LAY) Fresh ground sassafras leaves used to season and thicken gumbo and add a unique flavor.
Red Pepper: Fresh ground cayenne pepper.
Hot Tamales: Homemade using ground beef seasoned with chili powder, then wrapped in cornmeal for an excellent snack or meal.
Stuffed Artichokes: Homemade using fresh artichokes stuffed with Italian bread crumbs, garlic, and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.
Jacob’s Country Roux Mix: One cup of our own homemade dry roux along with a package of blended seasonings (onions, green onions and parsley) and a packet of spices (salt, black pepper, and red pepper). An excellent way to start gumbos, stews and various other Cajun and Creole dishes that require a roux.
Chicken Andouille Gumbo: 1 gallon of Chicken & Andouille Gumbo prepared with Jacob's Country Roux Mix and following the recipe here on our website.

Jacob's T-Shirts: A Fruit of the Loom® Best™ T with our Barn logo on the back and a small lapel logo on the front.  Shirts come in "Jacob's yellow/orange" with logo in red, and in Black with logo in white. 

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