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Jacob's Andouille

Premium Smoked Products

All of our smoked products are made with choice lean meat and are naturally smoked in our centuries old smoke houses using only aged Pecan wood. This gives our smoked meats an authentic smoke flavor and aroma that enhances any meal you prepare using our products. They are also great as ready to eat snacks.

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Andouille $9.85/lb Tasso $10.00/lb
Chicken Andouille $10.65/lb Turkey Tasso $10.00/lb
Smoked Sausage $8.85/lb Smoked Ham Hocks $6.10/lb
Smoked Hot Sausage $8.90/lb Fresh Sausage $7.25/lb
Smoked Chicken Sausage $9.50/lb Italian Sausage $7.60/lb
Smoked Beef Sausage $11.00/lb Fresh Red Beans $2.00/lb
Smoked Turkey Necks $6.50/lb Fresh White Beans $2.00/lb
Smoked Turkey Legs $7.20/lb Fresh Lima Beans(Baby or Large) $2.00/lb
Smoked Turkey Wings $6.70lb Fresh Black-eyed Beans $2.00/lb
Smoked Chickens $9.95/each Filé or Red Pepper (4oz jar) $4.75/jar
Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters $6.60/lb Italian Artichoke/Seafood Artichoke $8.00/11.50
Smoked Boneless Chicken Breasts $9.80/lb Jacob's Country Roux Mix $4.50/each
Smoked Sausage Snack Sticks $5.50/pack Andouille Snack Sticks $5.50/pack
Beef Jerky $6.75/pack Hog's Head Cheese (Hot or Mild) $7.40/lb
Smoked Pig Tails $6.65/lb Boudin $7.55/lb
Smoked Slab Bacon $8.10/lb Hog Cracklin $7.00/pack
Smoked Pepper Jack Sausage $8.15/lb Smoked Cheddar Sausage $8.15/lb
Jacob's T-Shirts $13.00 Beef Tamales $11.50/doz

Vacuum packing upon request (In Store Only)      -     $1.00 per bag      -     $2.00 per large bag

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To our valued friends and customers:
Our suppliers have again  increased the prices of their products.  Unfortunately, we too have to raise our prices.  Thank you for your understanding.  We hope to be able to bring our prices back down in the near future.

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